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Northport One-Act Play Festival 
Thanks to all who submitted their scripts.
Selections will be announced in December.

​​The 8th Annual
​2017 Northport One-Act
​Play Festival Was a Great Success

And so was
​The Taste of The Fest
4 Plays Highlighted Below​​​​

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Program 1
Program 2​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Program 1
​Performances April 28th at 7:30pm and April 29th at 3:00pm.
The Genie Written and Directed by Lou Allacco.
​A homeless man meets an unorthodox genie and has a difficult time deciding on a wish,
with Michael McKenna, Peter Quinones ​​and Vinnie Esposito.

High Cheekbones by Marilynn Barner Anselmi, Directed by ​Peter Scarpinato.
​Dee was David when she graduated high school:
​everyone is in for surprises at the reunion,
with Paulette Gebhard, ​Kerry Gallagher, Dayne Rasmussen and Dolores de Poto.
Letting Go by ​Gloria Schramm, Directed by Michael McKenna.
A divorce and remarriage threaten the parent-child bond
​in this drama about letting go and holding on,​
with Alex Edwards-Bourdrez and Rachael Doukas​.
Trail Mix Written and Directed by Patrick Sherrard.
​Uptight Daisy and rock star Denny meet on a first date
​(a continuation of the Random Saga),
with Laura Sweeney and Michael Mingoia​.

Lost in Space-The Musical Written and Directed by Charles Calabrese and Michael West​.
​An alien being observes an age old human conflict and tries to help out,
with Melissa Kempton, Joe Kassner, and Bobbie Ruth.​
Dressed To Kill by Delvyn Case, Directed by Stanley Katz.
​Would you kill for love? Would you kill for religion?
with Fred Amison and Jennifer Bonaparte.
Johnny and Pete in Paradise by Michael Lydon, Directed by ​Maria Filipone.
​Two men trapped – or is it freed? – on a desert island,
with Saverio Tuzzolo and Rob Ripp​.

​Program 2:

​Performances April 29th at 7:30pm and April 30th at 3:00pm​.
Changing Times by ​Paul Trupia, Directed by Sanders Goldman.
​Time changes all of us…or does it?
with Nancy Anderson and Bob Olenuk​.

Marvin Jaminsky by Larry J Maltin, Directed by Jim Bradley, Asst. Director Larry J Maltin.
​After his 80th birthday party, and the disturbing news of the accidental death of a bicyclist,
​Marvin’s life of loneliness takes a turn for the better,
with Vicki Milach, Wynne Wilder, Jim Clavell​ and Larry J Maltin.
Smiley by Elena Naskova, Directed by John Passadino.
An unhappy couple finds a reason to smile at each other again,​
with Olga Cohen, Gina Marie and Joe DiPietro​.
​​​A Thousand Words by Frank Shima, Directed by Linda Randolph.
​Magic happens on stage as two paintings come to life,
with Robert Lee Oliver, Gina Scarda, Lilly Hayes, Ron Friedmann and Nancy Klimpel.​
Voices by Marcia Slatkin, Directed by Jo Ann Katz.
​A mother’s love can aid and endure in strange, unforeseen ways,
with Ralph Carideo, Ron Sabo, Annette Kirk and Ron Friedman​n.
Quincy's Ghost by Geoffrey Craig, Directed by Stanley Katz.
​Revenge sometimes equals justice,
with Fred Amison, ​Kamisha Dalmeda and Todd Bethea.

Characters Written and Directed by Michael Solomowitz​.
​The question of “What is a Play?” takes center stage
​in this zany play-in-a-play-in-a-play farce,
with Jill Linden, Calvin Gladden​, Peter Quinones and Steve Kaminsky.

Many thanks to the playwrights who submitted plays
​that were not selected for the Festival:​​

Joan Antonicelli, Jeremy Black, Steven Bosch, Barry Ernst, Ann Fox,
​Seth Freeman, William Johnson, Mervyn Douglas Kaufman,
​Natalie Lifson, ​​Tony Manzo, Craig Moeckly, Gloria G Murray,
​John Passadino, Jim Polen, ​Tyler Powell, Ron Radice, ​Laura Sweeney,
​Bruce Teifer, Alex Vartarian, ​Brian Wallace, Jonathon Ward.

​Their plays were read at our monthly Reader's Theater Meetings.​


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​documentary about our Festival.​​​​
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All performance refreshments to benefit St Paul's United Methodist Church.

All Performances at The Playhouse at St Paul's
St Paul's United Methodist Church, 270 Main Street, Northport, NY
For information e-mail or call (631) 223-8053

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