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Mon, Mar 12th, 7:30 PM
Northport One-Act Play Festival 

Performances Friday, April 13th 7:30 & Saturday, April 14th 3:00
Just Like The Movies written and directed by Peter Scarpinato
Mid Life Conversations written and directed by Maria Filipone
Graduation Party by Paul Bowman, directed by Tony Prestandrea
Bicycle Built For Two​​​​​ by Delvyn Case, directed by Larry Rinkel
Far From The Tree by Pete Mergel, directed by Sanders Goldman
The Downbeat written and directed by Michael Solomowitz​​

Performances Saturday, April 14th 7:30 & Sunday, April 15th 3:00
Doctor, Doctor by Joan Antonicelli, directed by Jo Ann Katz
Addiction written and directed by John Passadino
Strange Vessels by Michael Leuci, directed by Brian Smith
Ledges by Joseph Vitale, directed by RJ Meyer
Surf's Up by Ken Levine, directed by Alex Edwards-Bourdrez
The Greyson Scale by Nelson Clark, directed by Stan Katz​​​​​​​​​

Open roles below as they come in.
Email headshot and resume and director will contact you.​.

The Downbeat -- A dinner party at the Countess’ summer estate with all of Florence’s high society in attendance, and the villa is abuzz, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the evening’s mystery performer. But the invitation to the guest performer has been delayed in transit and the Countess has commissioned a backup. All goes awry when both performers show up on the same night.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: (Age range 20s-40s) -- Major role in this offbeat comedy. Don't need to know anything about music. Looking for a talented actor who can deliver a punchline.
Just Like The Movies - ​Two people meet on the top of the Empire State Building
​and find something they are not looking for.
Charles - 60s -early 70s, sophisticated, intelligent, kind
Michelle- early to mid 20s, attractive young woman, funny, endearing, idealistic
Bicycle Built For Two - Two Syrian refugees try to get from Russia to Norway and freedom.
Esraa - Syrian refugee with long, obviously dyed, blonde hair, age 24
Hana - Syrian refugee with long black hair, age 16
Graduation Party - ​Three male prison inmates prepare for a graduation party (high school GED diploma). Surprising changes occur all in one afternoon during the prison graduation party.
​ A short but powerful one act drama.
Duane - twentyish, slender, confused and impressionable
Tyler - fortyish, into drugs, a skirt chaser and cocky
Samuel - heavy-set, sixty plus and moody at times
Eleanor - fiftyish, a teacher, optimistic nature
Far From The Tree - ​A father and son discuss the son's future while cooking the sauce.
Leo Masoni - the father
Michael Masoni - his son​​

Also needed: a beat up bicycle which can hold 2 people for a short ride​.
​If you have one contact

Many thanks to the playwrights who submitted plays
​that were not selected for the Festival:​​

Andrew Black, Ann Fox, Bruce Teifer, Conor O'Hagan, Craig Moeckly,
​David Hawley, Diane Haring, Frank Shima, Gloria Schramm, Jerry Casagrande,
​Jim Polen, Stan Gurvitz, Joe Hullett, Larry Maltin, Lawrence Rinkel,
​Leonard Goldisman, Lou Allacco, Marilyn de Poto, Marilynn Anselmi,
​Mark Speyer, Martin Zuckerman, Mercedes Lake, Michael Lyon,
​Nancie Pacheco, Pamela Noll, Paul Trupia, Rex McGregor, Scot Walker,
​Steve Gold, Steven Bosch, Tammy Green, Tony Prestandrea,
​Virginia Reynolds, and Zachary Jack.

​Their plays were or will be read at our monthly Reader's Theater Meetings.​


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​documentary about our Festival.​​​​
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All performance refreshments to benefit St Paul's United Methodist Church.

All Performances at The Playhouse at St Paul's
St Paul's United Methodist Church, 270 Main Street, Northport, NY
For information e-mail or call (631) 223-8053

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