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Northport One-Act Play Festival 
Sadly all theater is still cancelled
​due to the Covid-19 virus.
Please stay healthy and use this time to do all the things you never have time to do - read, listen to music, write plays. We are now accepting submissions
​for our monthly play readings.
​The 11th Annual Northport One-Act Play Festival
​will be October 2-4, 2020​​. Save the date!
Selections of submissions will be announced soon.​


If you missed 4 X 4 you can see it here.​​

​​​​​​​The ​10th Annual
​Northport One-Act Play Festival
was a rousing success!​
Plays performed ​at the Taste of the Fest
are highlighted below.​​

Highlights From Program 1

Highlights From Program 2​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​The plays from the 2019 Festival:
Program 1:
Friday, May 3rd​, 7:30 and Saturday, May 4th, 3:00

"Mistranslations" by Jack Rushton, directed by John Passadino
with Joe DiPietro and Annette Kirk.​
​"Timeshare" by Judy Klass, directed by Patrick Reilly,
with Alfio DiFranco and Cheryl Voros​.
"Scale" by Lori Londagin, directed by Liz DeFazio,

with ​Susan Emro and Peter Quinones.
"Alzheimer's Diary" by Steve Gold, directed by Stacey Portmore-Davies
with Laurie Atlas and Stacey Portmore-Davies.​
"Babushka" written and directed by Michael Solomowitz​
with Christina Cuff, Alex Edwards-Bourdrez,
​​Jill Linden and Harrison Ochs.

"Four Introductions" by Paul Bowman, directed by Larry Rinkel
with Avery Cohen, Ellie Eichenlaub and Mike Peraza.

"The Good Rumor Man" by Frank Shima, directed by Jamie Haughney,
with Annamaria Christina, Taylor Dunn,
​Bailey C. Elis, Spiro Kitovas and Taylor Quaranta​.​

​Program 2:
Saturday, May 4th, 7:30 and Sunday, May 5th, 3:00​
"Avocado Toast" by Ken Levine, directed by Jo Ann Katz
with Edis Delgado and Barbara Walsh.​
​​ ​​​  "A Visit ​​​​​In The Afternoon" by Fred Dennehy,
​​directed by Henry Brewer,
with Eirinn Kless and Joe Leary​.

"Just For One Day" written and directed by Maria Filippone
with Gina Marie and Rob Ripp.​
"The Monster Under The Bed" by Joseph Vitale, ​directed by Jeff Bennett
with Tim Dolan, Alfio DiFranco and Justine Waker.​
"The Father-Daughter Banquet" by Mike Solomonson,
​directed by Chery Manniello,
with Anthony DiFranco, Kylie McCormick and Lon Shomer​.

"Connection" written and directed by Peter Scarpinato​​​​​
with Nicolette Mango, Dayne Rasmussen and Vicki Rothman Milach.​

Many thanks to the playwrights who submitted plays
​that were not selected for the Festival:​​

Ann Fox, Anthony DiFranco, Arthur Pesin, Bethany Dickens, Caperton Tissot, Christine Emmert, Christopher Arena, Chuck Smith, Dana Jaffe, Dean Johanson, Delvyn Case, Donna Gordon, Edgar Chisholm, Eric Thomas, Francine Marinaccio, Frank Shima, Gloria Schramm, Greg Cummings, Jack Rushton, James Menges, ​Jim Polen, Joe Leary, John Passadino, Joseph Bulvid, Joseph Vitale, Judy Klass, Ken Langer, Ken Levine, Larry Maltin, Lawrence Rinkel,
​Leonard Goldisman, Les Abromovitz, Lori Londagin, Maria Welser, Marilynn Barner Anselmi, Michael Casano, ​Mike Solomonson, Nancy Palmento Schuler,
​Paul Bowman, Paul Trupia, Pete Mergel, Phoebe Tsang, Rex McGregor, Robert & Pamela Noll, Roy Proctor, Seth Freeman, ​Steven Bosch, Steven Doloff,
​Steve Gold, Steve McGraw, Steven Stewart, Susan Masters, Tammy Green,
​Tim Toepel, Tony Prestandrea.

​The video of our September 12, 2018 performance
"A Comic Look at Relationships"
a staged reading of four comedies
is now on YouTube
Highlights of previous Festivals at History tab.

Click here for Johnny Passadino's
​documentary about our Festival.​​​​
​See the Reader's Theater tab for member interviews.​​​
All performance refreshments to benefit St Paul's United Methodist Church.

All Performances at The Playhouse at St Paul's
St Paul's United Methodist Church, 270 Main Street, Northport, NY
For information e-mail or call (631) 223-8053

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