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Scripts are being accepted for NRT readings.

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2021 NRT Meetings
Fall date to be announced.

12th Annual
Northport One-Act
Play Festival
October 1-3, 2020
Submissions will  be ​accepted until June 30th.
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Northport Reader's Theater
Northport One-Act Play Festival
We are accepting submissions for our monthly play readings beginning again in October.

Jeff Bennett will be teaching a Fundamentals Class at Regina Schneider’s Take2 Actors Studio in Huntington this summer--eight consecutive Wednesday night sessions, 7:30 – 9:30, beginning July 7. 
Email him at
"All I gotta do is...act naturally." Sounds easy, right? Most of us move, talk, and behave naturally on life's stage every day of our lives (even when we're not speaking the truth!). Then why is it that many beginning actors, faced for the first time with a well-written script, so often fail to bring that same quality of "naturalness" to the words they're uttering, whether read or memorized? They fall into what I like to call "the acting voice" -- an exaggerated theatrical tone, darting rhythms, and swooping intonations--maybe in an over-anxious effort to impress. This course is dedicated to the death of that "acting voice". We'll learn how to "take it off the page", to seek truth and believability in the words we speak, to create movement that is organic, to listen onstage, to express wants and emotions based on what we receive from our fellow actors.
Class Sessions: Eight consecutive Wednesday evenings, July 7th - Aug 25. Cost: $325
Township Theatre Group presents "Getting to Know You' beginning June 7th​ through July 31st. This virtual free performance includes 4 one-act plays. Visit for the link. ​

INCARN Live Virtual Theater presents "Letting Go" by Gloria Schramm. ZOOM begins ​June 13th at 5 PM est. Link #396 280 7262 Passcode: 123752. 

​Amie Nemeth is looking for a play writing partner. If you are interested in working with her please contact her at

Jeff Dunne has many of his plays available for viewing. Here is a link to info about the performance outside of Atlantic City:

…and below is a bunch of links to short plays available on YouTube

The Final Sheriff – a quirky little Shakespearean western:
Strangers in the Night – not at all like the song:
Reindeer Trouble – a Christmas experimentation in virtual settings:
Set for a New Start – when the Egyptian god of destruction tries to find a new job:
Et Tu, Brew Tea – a college student can’t fall asleep because of stress:
That’s Why They Call It Sacrifice – a short little philosophical piece:
The Pyramid Prank – the real history of how the pyramids came to be:
Oscar – one of my earliest dramas:
Words Are Useless – the dangers of finding a raccoon in your bakery:
​Stevie GB returns to the stage with

"songs for the ages by the aging"
This show is gonna be fantastic... don't miss it...
Thursday July 15 at 8pm
McGuire's Comedy Club Bohemia
Tix $20 must buy in advance at

LIWG workshops are back at the Bellmore Library 10:00 AM
June 24, 2021 and July 15, 2021.
Intro and announcements: LIWG Reads!–Book Revue, Huntington TBA
Prompt: Together Again
Exercise: What do the words call to your mind? Give us a paragraph or two revolving around them.
Take Home: Expand the idea.
1. Companionship
2. Shoulders to lean on
3. Backs to pat

Dennis Kotch
"creating a place for new innovative theater"

Fall date to be announced.

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