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Mon, May 17th, 7:15 PM online
Northport One-Act Play Festival 

"Spring into Action"​
Volunteerism is the Focus of Northport Play’s Next
​“Virtual” Gathering of Original Long Island Theater
​as it presents “Spring into Action” 
March 26, 2021 through National Volunteer Week April 18-25.
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We at Northport Plays sincerely hope that you will understand our dilemma, enjoy our program, and respond to our mission of giving your time and talents to help others.

​​​​​​​​​​​Northport Plays Presented:

"Food For Thought: Theater Gives Back"
Four Plays About Benevolence​​​
Thanks those of you who donated to LI Cares
​and hope that everyone enjoyed the plays. 
You can still support the food insecure on Long Island
​by giving directly to  
Long Island Cares 
​Please consider giving whatever you can.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The 11th Annual Northport One-Act Play Festival 
was a great success. Thanks to all who watched it.

 Highlights of the Festival plays HERE.​​​
​Festival Program​

"Luminous" by Bruce Menin, ​
​Directed by Jo Ann Katz
with Alfio DiFranco and Barbara Walsh.
Nature or Nurture?
​Two fireflies find love on a late summer night.​​

"One Small Step" Written and
​Directed by Tammy Green,
Assistant Director Eric Holgerson,​
with Laurie Atlas and Carl DiModugno.
A couple moves past their fears to take
​one small step toward a better life.​

"Someday My Love" Written and
​Directed by Peter Scarpinato
with Louisa Bikowski, Michelle Maimbourg
and Dayne Rasmussen​​.
A woman finds herself in a real-life version
​of her favorite romantic film.

"Drawing the Line" by Seth Freeman,
​Directed by Linda Randolph,
with Tom Ciorciari and Joshua Diolosa.​
Sometimes the unkindest cut isn’t made with a knife.

"Double Exposure" by Mervyn Douglas Kaufman,
​Directed by Maria Filippone,
with Lee Kurfist and Lisa Meckes​.
Face to face, a long-married couple confront dark secrets
​that haunted and threatened their marriage for years.

"Waiting for the Sun" by Michael Casano,
​Directed by John Passadino,
with Ken Young, Gina Scarda and Rachel Max​​.

A marriage counselor’s latest patients
​open up ​an unexpected door to her past.
​The event concluded with a
discussion with the playwrights.​

Many thanks to the playwrights who submitted plays
​that were not selected for the Festival:​​

 Les Abramovitz, Louis Allaco, Paul Bowman, Delvyn Case, 
​Fred Dennehy, ​Christine Emmert, Ed Eriksson, Ann Fox, 
​Diane Haring, Joe Leary, ​Ken Levine, ​Larry Maltin,
​Lois Morton, ​Lawrence Rinkel, ​Jack Rushton, ​
​Gloria Schramm, ​Chuck Smith,  Michael Solomowitz.
Highlights of previous Festivals at History tab.

Click here for Johnny Passadino's
​documentary about our Festival.​​​​
​See the Reader's Theater tab for meeting schedules
​and member interviews.​​​

​In normal times​​​​​
All performance refreshments to benefit St Paul's United Methodist Church.
All Performances at The Playhouse at St Paul's
St Paul's United Methodist Church, 270 Main Street, Northport, NY
For information e-mail or call (631) 223-8053

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